The Monopoly Manual: How to Acquire Your First Flip or Rental Property

Alex Kamunyo
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A lot of people want to "get started in real estate investing" but have no clue where to even start. What type of property they should buy, where they should buy, how they'll finance the property, or even how to know whether or not they should buy a particular property.

What if you knew how to identify, acquire, and purchase below value properties that you could flip for thousands of dollars of profit, or keep as rental properties that pay you for the rest of your life?

What if you could do it while using other people's money?

I started flipping houses and acquiring rental properties in June 2018 and have flipped 5 houses that earned over $150K in gross profit and acquired 3 rental properties that generate $57K in rental income per year. For every property I've bought, I've used other people's money to purchase and rehab it. On some properties, I've even been able to fund the purchase and rehab 100% with none of my own money and achieve infinite ROIs.

Many people struggle when starting in real estate investing because they are not efficiently putting their time, their money, or other people's money to work.

The first deal is always the toughest because you don't know what you don't know. So my goal is to teach you everything I learned to do and not to do within the past few years and help you get that first property sooner than you thought.

Because the 1st property always leads to the 2nd, 4th, 8th, 20th, and 100th property.

This course will teach you:

  • What type of property you should be investing in based on your goals
  • Where you should be investing
  • Who you need to have on your real estate team
  • How to find good contractors
  • How you will finance the deal
  • How to finance deals using other people's money
  • How to find off market real estate deals
  • How to analyze and identify a good vs bad flip and rental property deal
  • How to acquire rental properties with none of your own money invested
  • How to offer and close on the property

You will also receive:

  • Nearly 10 hours of video instruction
  • Flip deal analysis spreadsheet
  • Rental deal analysis spreadsheet
  • Private investor opportunity packet template
  • Real estate agent interview script
  • Contractor interview script
  • Strategies I use to raise private capital
  • Updates to the course as content is added
10 ratings
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The Monopoly Manual: How to Acquire Your First Flip or Rental Property

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